Hey Creativepreneur! I love events. I’m an extrovert. I can’t help it. My ideas for these workshops have come together after interacting with many, many potential clients who needed some help but were not ready to shell out the dollars for 1-on-1 legal or tax services. I totally get it. I built my own business piece-by-piece. I know what it’s like to think “I paid all my bills and still have $150. Maybe I’ll finally tackle that project or buy that piece of equipment.” The problem is that a lot of online resources that fit this type of budget are not comprehensive enough and do not allow for face-to-face interaction in which you, the paying student/business owner, can ask your own questions. My solution are these workshops. I cap the attendance, so each attendee can get their questions out and leave feeling accomplished.


tax parties!

Most people try to do their tax returns on their own at home and end up getting very frustrated. However, those people don’t want to pay me or someone else $400+ to file for them.

That’s why I started throwing tax parties. It’s simple, you sign-up, gather your documents, and attend the party with your laptop in hand. You self-file while I help you answer all the question prompts.


contracts classes

I’m all about educating clients and event attendees. Once you have a large company it’s easy to run every contract through the legal department. BUT, most of us don’t have a legal department. We do everything. That’s why it’s important to start with great contracts but learn how those documents operate, so that you can feel confident tweaking it for new clients when necessary. At the contract class, we will discuss contract principles and then workshop your contract, so you leave with a phenomenal base document.


new biz formation workshop

It’s simple. We gather in a group of 10 people (max) and setup your business. We will do a Q&A for about 2 hours on common questions like whether you need an LLC or S corp, how to get your EIN and local business licenses, and, if time permits, we can chat about taxes, bookkeeping, contracts, and copyrights. Then, we will actually fill out all the documents you will need to file to officially form your business. I’ll give you envelopes and stamps, so you will be ready to go the minute the workshop ends.