Every creative needs a little help getting their legal and tax shit together because no one teaches us this stuff. That’s why I’m here to help. Your gay best friend, but an attorney who can also do your taxes.




Creativepreneur Community is an online resource platform for individuals who have or aspire to have a creative based small biz. The goal is to bring my expertise in small business law and tax to you through a variety of mediums including: blogs, courses, videos, free resources, and workshops. I am also the owner of Braden Drake Law and a co-author of the Small Business Startup Guide.


Growing up, I always loved HGTV and art. I dabbled in graphic design with little success. I taught myself to knit, poorly. I was a sales associate for West Elm where I had difficulty designing for anyone that had different taste from myself. I even once bought DSLR, shot on auto for a year, gave up and sold it. Why do I tell you these things? I have many times tried and failed to be a "creative" myself. While it doesn't take much talent to have a creative hobby, it definitely takes skill and practice to monetize a creative passion and turn it into a career. By working with creatives, I am able to use my skill in law and tax while also vicariously working in the creative industry through all of you amazing creativepreneurs. That's why I love what I do.

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enneagram 7, kind of a creative, athlete, pokemon master, attorney/taxpert

I’m an Enneagram 7, which, in short, means that my interests are all over the place. I play volleyball, pickleball, basketball, tennis, and do triathlons. I collect cookware, am a self-proclaimed Pokemon master, and have a list of other hobbies. Running a business requires a bit more focus. To streamline my business model, I have really niched down with the types of clients I work with, which allows to be expand my services beyond the standard work of a small business attorney. I have a law firm, where I do all the normal small biz legal stuff, in addition to bookkeeping, tax returns, and tax consulting. Here, at Creativepreneur Community I provide resources to small business creativepreneurs. Lastly, I’m the co-author an ebook on how to start your own business. Check out the below graphic for a summary of what I have going on.

A little bit more about me:
I live in San Diego with my husband and three dogs. I call myself a self-proclaimed taxpert, cooking aficionado, IRONMAN triathlete, and collector of cookware (mostly Le Creuset). I play tennis, basketball, and volleyball. After my daily meetings, you can usually find me on Instagram talking about taxes and business law while I run around San Diego, after which I exercise my unhealthy passion for baked goods and burritos.

I'm originally from Indiana and graduated from Indiana University with majors in Russian and political science with a minor in business. I am a California licensed attorney with a Master's in Tax Law.



My life is a constant struggle of trying to not do everything. Can you relate? If not, I’m kinda jealous. However, I doing my best to provide a suite of products and services that will help freelancers and entrepreneurs at any level with any budget. Have several sucessful businesses and need to outsource your legal and tax stuff? Contact me at Braden Drake Law. Need a little bit of tax help, but one-on-one services are not in your budget? Join some members of the CP Community at a tax party. Not ready to invest in legal services or an online course, but need help setting up your business? Grab a copy of the Startup Guide. Or if you’re operating on a $0 budget or just not committed to launching just yet, I have a whole lot of free stuff to get you rollin. Here’s a summary of what I have going on and how I have shaped my businesses to serve all you kickass creative boss people.


At Braden Drake law I help with:

  • Contracts

  • Trademarks

  • Copyrights

  • Biz Formation


I’m also a tax nerd. At Braden Drake Law, I provide one-on-one services for:

  • Tax preparation

  • Tax Consulting

  • Bookkeeping


You’re at CP Community now where I provide products, courses, and events outside of the one-on-one setting where I serve creatives at my law firm.


Small Biz Start Up Guide is a 5 phase, no-fuss, 100+ page e(work)book that helps new entrepreneurs navigate the small business planning, legal and branding processes.